26+ elements

Quick Startup Design

New V-MAP Current Controlled Source

Monoblock Volume-optimized Super Stable Optical System

Most user Friendly Spectrometer Software ever

Technical Specifications

Excitation Source

- V-MAP current controlled source with true 100KHz real-time regulation system

- Fully software controlled excitation source

- Multi-frequency spark source, up-to 1KHz

- High energy micro-melt for better precision (internally software controlled)

- High precision spark condensed spark source

- Analytical program parameter selected automatically by software

- Maintenance free

Optical System

- Spectrometer optical system - Temperature stabilized sealed against dust and contamination

- High performance holographic diffraction grating

- Wavelength range: programmable as per the variant

- High resolution CCD detector array with 3694pixels (1pixel corresponds to 1 element channel)

- Profiling - automatic & real time, software controlled

Control & Data Processing

- Ethernet and USB connectivity

- Windows® based software. Works with Win 7 and above.

- Complete and accurate control of instrument through a high performance 32 bit Atmel ATxMega based data acquisition system

- Works with standard desktop personal computer (connected externally)

Environmental Requirement

- Operating temperature 15 to 32°C

- Storage temperature -10 to 70°C

Software Analysis

- Extremely user-friendly operation

- Factory calibrated

- Automatic inter element interface corrections

- Display of Mean SD or RSD

- User flexibility to standardize each analytical program

- User configurable type standardization

- Logging of the analysis data

- Quick retrieval of results from historical data

- User friendly report generation

- Option to transfer data to Excel spreadsheet

Spark Stand

- Specially designed C shaped sample plate to prevent warping and deformations over long periods of usage.

- Argon flushed with automatic adjusted low flow in standby and analytical modes

- Tungsten electrode

- Mechanical quick-engage sample clamp - Flexible for large and small sample sizes

- Easily removable sample base for chamber cleaning and maintenance

Weight & Dimensions

- Instrument Weight 42kg approx. (without utility base)

- Instrument size 700 x 400 x 260mm (W x Dx H) (Quanta-GOLD+)

Electrical Requirement

- 230V AC, 50Hz